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Use Bazzle to find, hire & manage all the vendors needed for your event in one place. You can use our event planning tools for free to send out invites, track RSVP's, manage milestones, handle all the payments, and much, much more!

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Browse through our vendor database to find the best caterers, photographers, venues and more in your area!

Bazzle has the biggest database of trusted, pre-screened, highest quality event vendors.


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Tell us your event details and we'll get you the best quotes from local vendors while you plan your event, all in one place!


Bazzled Moments help you connect online

Bazzled moments let people create an event on Bazzle, invite other people and send them food & other stuff to show them love and appreciation.

Once your event is setup, you can select food, drinks, gifts and more, to share with your guests, and we take care of the coordination and delivery! Our Zoom integration will help you connect easily.

Personal or corporate, physical or virtual, we help create great events!


Plan your event end-to-end, find, hire & manage event vendors & much more!


Quickly and easily manage pre-payments, deposits and invoices for all your vendors!


Give feedback to vendors to help them improve their service and improve our eco-system.

Bazzle is used by event planners around the world

We're trusted by corporate & personal event planners around the world. With Bazzle, finding event vendors is as simple as ordering a pizza.


Trusted, pre-screened, highest quality vendors

Bazzle has the biggest, most trusted network of event vendors. User ratings & reviews make deciding on event vendors simple & safe.


Average number of quotes per event

Bazzle helps you collect quotes from vendors most suitable for your event. In just a few clicks, get personalized vendor quotes.


Partnered Bazzle vendors

We have the biggest network of partnered event vendors on the internet. Find, hire & manage caterers, photographers, venues, decorators & more for your event!

Bazzle is trusted by vendors and event planners!

We help event organisers to plan personal and business events and event vendors connect to a wide network of event planners.

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Use Bazzle to plan your event end-to-end & save time finding & managing all the needed vendors for your event!

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Give us your event details and we'll provide personalized quotes by most suitable vendors for your event saving you precious time!

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Bazzled a teambuilding for her company

"Using Bazzle means I can finalise all the logistics easily giving me more time to focus on the fun."

Bazzled her hens night

"I really loved how I got so many quotes so quickly, and it was great to see the price range vendors were offering! I’ll be using Bazzle again for my next event!"

Bazzled her team workshop

"Using Bazzle means I can really streamline my procces, which is amazing for me."

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